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I am excited to announce a special collaboration between Stories by Sarah and Piccolino Photo Studio. For two dates in October we will offer a special Christmas studio session, in a bespoke set of stars and clouds.

We are so happy to offer our clients this session and as a valued client or follower on social media, we are offering you the first chance to book a slot before we start advertising the session. Slots will be limited so early booking is strongly recommended! We will start the general advertising on Monday 2 October.

We have handmade this beautiful set of gold stars and fluffy clouds against a cream backdrop, creating a set that is unique and timeless, and suitable as a Christmas card - without looking out of season the rest of the year! The set-up works just as well for boys and girls, and in the samples you can see below we have photographed kids from the age of three to ten. We recommend white, cream or pale pastel colours for clothing and would be happy to have a chat with you in advance about outfits.

We are offering the sessions in Beckenham (21 October) and Woolwich (28 October) and both locations have parking facilities right outside the studio. Sessions are priced at only £99 and are 30 mins in length. We will take a few differently posed photos during the session and at the end you will chose which of the photos you want to receive. Included in the price is one image - delivered as 10 double greeting cards and either an A3 print or two A4 prints, as well as a digital copy of the image. Additional digital images can be purchased as well as extra prints and cards.

Please have a look at the images below for samples and if you are interested in booking a session do get in touch!

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