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  • Skribentens bildSarah Rimmö Toure

Olesya + Chris (part 1)

Olesya and Chris are having not one but two weddings this summer (hence the part 1 bit in the title) - the first one was a civil service in Bromley's Civic Centre at the end of June, the next one - the grand one, in the Ukrainian Cathedral in central London, will be in September.

The ceremony in Bromley was beautiful, attended by Olesya and Chris' parents, two bridesmaids, the best man/groom's brother and his partner. This summer in London has proven to be a really warm and sunny one and this day was no exception. Following the ceremony we took some group photos and then a bride and groom photo session in the beautiful grounds of the civic centre. After that Olesya and Chris took off for lunch together with the guests and I went home, eagerly awaiting part 2 in September. Olesya and Chris (and their family and friends that I've met so far) are such lovely people and great working with, I really can't wait to work with them again at their big wedding day!

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