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Elan + Tom

A couple of years ago (before this blog was up and running) I photographed this wedding in Wales. It is one of my favourite weddings in terms of style. Everything was so beautiful, the scenery in the Brecon Beacon nation park in Wales, the vintage dress, the wild flowers, the decor based on herbs, string and old whiskey bottles. I have now totally forgotten how many times I was completely lost in the national park (feeling like a right idiot for using google maps on my phone as a GPS instead of a good old map book) and panicking over missing the entire wedding, not to mention the storm and rain as we were taking photos, instead I only remember the good bits!

Elan, the bride, got ready with her friends in a fantastic cottage in the middle of the park (very hard to find).

We left for the ceremony and I nearly got lost again - but I made it in time. The ceremony too place at the Carreg Cennen Castle where there's a venue for ceremonies and reception at the foot of the old castle ruin.

After the ceremony it was raining like mad, so we had to take photos inside.

But then Elan and Tom got their wellies and umbrellas out and we went outside for some photos by the castle anyway. Love that attitude!

After that session it was rather nice to go back inside for the reception.

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