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  • Skribentens bildSarah Rimmö Toure


I'm often asked what the best age for photographing babies is and the short answer is there isn't one. A newborn little baby is a wonder and magical to capture but as the baby grows they become more alert, interact more with their parents and/or siblings, and the baby's personality will come across better, with lots of eye contact and smiles.

Carrie and Tiiram got in touch with me when their baby girl Ada was newborn, and decided to have the session when she was a bit older. She was four months when we finally met up a few weeks ago and we had a great afternoon taking lots of natural and easygoing lifestyle photos of the family in their lovely house in South London.

We also ventured out to a local park, just as it stopped raining. I really like being able to combine indoors and outdoors photos in one session, which is possible for longer sessions and in South East London you are never that far from a great park. It wasn't the sunniest of days but I really don't think you need great weather and a park in bloom for good photos - a park is a great backdrop even on a grey early March afternoon.

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