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  • Skribentens bildSarah Rimmö Toure


Mia and Martin met ten years ago, and one of the first places they travelled to together was the seaside town of Skagen in Denmark. It's just a hop and a skip (and a ferry ride) from Gothenburg where they live, and throughout the years they have visited several times. So when they started planning their low-key wedding, Skagen was an obvious contender. They wanted a small, family orientated wedding, with just close family and a few close friends, a lot of kids, and a Danish theme of smorrebrod (open sandwiches packed with delicious and generous toppings) and beer.

The wedding was in early May, and it turned out to be the first really warm few days of the spring (it was in fact the start of an unusual and monthlong heat wave in Scandinavia) - luckily, as a lot of the wedding activities took place outside on the beach.

I will start with showing you photos from the portrait session - which of course took place on the famous Skagen beach. Artists have congregated to Skagen for hundreds of years due to the mythical - and actually magical - Skagen light. Two seas meet at Skagen and apparently it's their reflections, coming from two directions, that make the light there so spectacular. I had never been there before and did think it was a bit of a myth until I stepped out on the beach - it was really something else, the light. I could have stayed shooting there for ages!

I loved taking these photos for Mia and Martin. They were so easy and fun to work with, and the location was of course also so great. The rest of the wedding was captured in a documentary way - and first off was the ferry ride over from Sweden to Denmark. We left the family for a minute and had a mini portrait session of the bride and groom to be on the deck:

The next morning was the day of the wedding, and the couple got ready together in the renowned and classic Broendums Hotel, where a lot of the Skagen Group artists used to hang out.

The wedding ceremony took place in the small Swedish Seamen's Church in the middle of Skagen, and was followed by champagne and cake served in the church.

After the cake we all got on a bus!

Don't forget the beer!

The bus took everyone to the beach, where we got on a second bus - this one pulled by a tractor, and it took us right out on the furthest sand dunes and we had hot dogs and beers amongst the waves.

After an hour and a bit on the beach everyone got back on the bus, and then to the Swedish Church, were the party continued in their little guest house. It was a warm evening and before the smorrebrod was served everyone was hanging out by the sun drenched wall.

Thank you Mia and Martin for such a great, relaxed and fun wedding. It was so lovely to be there and take part and capture it all for you!

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