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  • Skribentens bildSarah Rimmö Toure


For most weddings that I photograph, I'm booked for the entire day, capturing things as and when they happen in a documentary style. I love doing this and though it's a hard day's (and nights) work it's also so much fun - and a privilege to get to participate in capturing all these memories for the bride and groom. I love doing documentary style work, trying to capture the essence of the day. But, as a portrait photographer at heart, my favourite part of the day is always the couple's portrait session. I do take bookings for the portrait session only, or in combination with the ceremony. This is a great option for couples who might feel that they do not need the entire day covered.

These images are from Firyal and Urban's gorgeous wedding which I photographed last spring in Stockholm, and will show you the range of portraits taken during a typical couple's portraits session. I try to vary the images as much as possible, some close, some at a distance, some candid, some gently directed. Ideally, I like to have 1.5-2hrs for the session (thought that's not always possible on a wedding day). Most locations will allow me to create a number of different backdrops - all images you'll see here were taken with no more than five minutes walk in-between locations


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