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  • Skribentens bildSarah Rimmö Toure


My dear friend and colleague Francesca recently gave me a couple of pastel coloured backdrops that she no longer had any use for. I wasn't sure I would either, but thought they might be good for some colourful still lives. And I do love pastels. Then I had an idea. I gathered some kids together and bought four t-shirts in different pastel colours, drove past the local arts and craft store and bought some large paper cards in two more colours. And then we had a pastel party in the studio!

I will take bookings for these pastel portrait shoots throughout spring and summer. I think they work particularly well in series - two, three, four or more - and would be lovely for sibling and family photos - one colour for each family member! But also as a row of portraits of the same person, with different coloured backgrounds.

To book a session just send me an email!

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