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It's winter and pretty miserable weather at the moment. I mostly photograph kids and families outdoors which can be a bit tricky this time of year - it might rain, it's chilly, you have to wear a lot of clothes. I do offer sessions in my studio but for clients who don't live near it or have many kids, or just find it inconvenient, I suggest an at-home session. It can be really lovely with some documentary style images of your kids and family in your home - there are many samples in my galleries.

And don't worry if you think you're house isn't good looking enough for a photo shoot - I can always find a corner to work in and for portrait work I don't need a lot of space. This portrait series of sisters M & H were taken last week in their home, at night, and in a fairly small space - all I needed was a blank backdrop wall and a white wall to bounce the flash off. The backdrop wall can be of any colour, and If you don't have any white surfaces I can use a large reflector screen for the flash bouncing.

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