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  • Skribentens bildSarah Rimmö Toure


For many parents, to capture that first fleeting time when your baby is brand new and so impossibly little is really important. Of course they will take lots and lots of photos themselves but many parents also chose to get a professional photo shoot done whilst their baby is little. These photos will be looked at over and over again - in albums, as framed prints, and often sent out to friends and family as well. As with all commissioned work, it's really important that you find a photographer with a style that you like. Photographers vary - make sure you look at a lot of photos before you book yours!

I have the same approach to newborns and small babies as I have when I photograph older kids - I want it to be as natural and easy going as possible. I prefer to photograph babies in their home environment but I do work in my South-East London studio as well. Together with the parents I take photos of the baby in their home - laying down, sleeping, yawning, being held. As far as possible I will use natural light and the only props I will use are blankets and clothes that belongs to the family.

This way, I aim to get a selection of natural portrait and lifestyle photos of the baby, depicting the baby as it is. I will of course also take photos of the baby with its parents and/or siblings.

It's such an honour to get to meet a brand new little baby and capture the newness of it all, and it's equally a lot of fun to have a shoot with a baby a few months old - to catch their attention and show off their personality.

My baby sessions are available from newborn until 1 year of age. To find out more and to book a session please get in touch! It's a good idea to book sessions a couple of months in advance if you want to be sure to get an appointment at a certain age, but I often have a couple of available sessions each week at short notice too!

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