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  • Skribentens bildSarah Rimmö Toure


For newborn photo sessions many of my clients book me months in advance. We set a rough date and then firm it up nearer the time. It's exciting to hear that a new baby has arrived and get the date for the shoot fixed. Many people ask me when the best time for a newborn session is. I think it depends. If it is your first baby, you might want to take a week to find your feet before a big event like a photo shoot. In terms of the photos, I do think all ages are great for photos. As I have a very natural approach to newborns and babies it is less important for me exactly how old they are - it'd mainly up to the parents: when they feel ready, and if they want the brand newness to be captured, or wait a few weeks for a little more awake baby.

M and M had a little baby boy, a little brother for their toddler daughter. We took the photos when the baby was just over a week old, and he was perfect - and even opened his eyes quite a bit. Big sister A was so proud and she also really loved my camera - both posing for it and using it!

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