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  • Skribentens bildSarah Rimmö Toure


November is #KNOWevember and the rather fabulous south east London parent organisation Mummy's Gin Fund is organising a whole range of workshops - and one of them is mine!

The digital photography revolution has meant a lot of things for family and everyday photography (I once wrote a Masters thesis on this) and the main thing is that we now take a lot more everyday photos of our kids and families - it's easy and there are no costs involved once you have a digital camera or a smartphone. No matter what kind of camera you use (my very unscientific research tells me it's a phone in the majority of cases) you can get some great photos and build a bank of invaluable memories. Though I of course think it's a great idea to let a professional help you out once in a while I also believe that the everyday photos you will take of your kids are equally important. So why not spend a little time learning how to do it better? Come to my workshop on the 16th November and I will teach you some tricks!

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