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  • Skribentens bildSarah Rimmö Toure


A couple of weeks ago I met with little Margot, ten weeks old, and her parents Nicola and Nick (and their dog!) in their beautiful south London home. Margot was such a sweetheart and in a great mood so the shoot went really smoothly and we got a lot of lovely photos - not hard with such a cute little girl!

When I photograph small babies I have more or less the same approach as I do with older kids - natural, relaxed images with minimum posing, and I also don't use fake props or fold the baby into unnatural poses. Instead, I try to show the baby as he or she really is, often in their home environment. The aim is to create truthful photographs that will become a treasured memory of that fleeting moment in time - no matter the age of the child. I think this worked really well with Margot and her family!

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