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  • Skribentens bildSarah Rimmö Toure


I shoot outdoors with families in kids in South East London all the time, all year round, and I've hardly ever had to cancel a session due to bad weather. I think England's reputation for being miserable and rainy is really exaggerated and usually prove it through my rather excellent record - I think I've had to postpone three sessions the last three years due to bad weather. One of these times were in March this year, when the rain and cold stopped the session I had planned with a family of four. And luckily the next time we were lucky - it was unusually warm and sunny and the park we used, Wells Hall Pleasences in Eltham, South East London, looked amazing with spring flowers.

The family - mum, dad and their two beautiful daughters - were a pleasure to work with and we had a lot of fun taking these family photographs. I always aim to capture a mixture of natural, relaxed and unposed images of the kids and family as well as a few gently posed family shots. I love the result of this session - such a gorgeous family!

If you're interested in booking a session, I still have a few spring appointments left! Just click on the contact tab at the top of this page.


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