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  • Skribentens bildSarah Rimmö Toure


In the beginning of July I met with baby Rosa and her parents to have some baby and family photos taken for them. I'm so happy to be able to share these photos as they are some of my favourites from this summer. Rosa is incredible cute and she was such a happy little girl and she loved the camera too!

At the beginning of the session I photographed Rosa and her parents at the family's beautiful Blackheath home.

Then we got Rosa's new little shoes out,

and led the house and went for a walk in the neighbourhood. The family love Blackheath and wanted to have some photos showing their favourite streets and shop (a lovely greengrocers). Such a great idea - the family wanted to be able to share their everyday life with their relatives abroad as well as create memories for themselves and for Rosa as she grows up.

It was such a pleasure to meet Rosa and her parents and to spend some time with them, and I hope to see them all again soon.

If you want to book a neighbourhood walk session, please get in touch!

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