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  • Skribentens bildSarah Rimmö Toure


Autumn in London - it's like its made to serve as a backdrop for photos. The parks are at their best - the colours, the soft warm light, the crisp air, and if the kids are shy or tired there's an easy solution - throw some leaves around!

I had so many great sessions this autumn and this one, with V and her husband and two lovely daughters, was definitely one of my favourites. The light was great, the girls gorgeous and really up for being photographed as they played around in the park. Such a great way to spend a weekend morning!

When I meet families for outdoor sessions, I try to get a mix of photos - mostly spontaneous, non-posed pictures but also portraits and some family shots, which are lightly directed. The best photos are usually not the ones when everyone turns to the camera smiling, but the ones taken just before and after that pose.

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