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  • Skribentens bildSarah Rimmö Toure


When I'm not photographing kids, families and weddings, I still photograph a lot of portraits, both for work and for my own projects. One such project I started this autumn is the Floral Portrait project, where I photograph people in the studio using fresh flowers as a backdrop (the series can be seen here). I've been asked if I can do these portraits for clients and of course I can! The sessions are fully bespoke, so I can use colours or flowers of your choice. It can be a little demanding on the sitter - they have to lie still for a while - so I do recommend children to be over the age of 7. This is the first kids floral portrait I've taken. Many thanks to Mathilda Visionz for editing it for me.

#kidsportraits #kidsphotos #kids #flowers #floral #studioportrait

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